Info Product Creation and Launch Checklist

Like everything else in life, creating and launching a new info product involves following a process. You can use this checklist to help make sure that you’ve got everything as perfect as possible before launching but without spending forever doing so.Decide what your info product will coverThis may sound self-evident but it’s an important step in the process nonetheless.At the very least, make an outline that will show what each section of your product will cover.If this is your first info product, it would be worth going into more detail so that you’re more confident about creating it.Do any necessary researchDepending on how well you know your subject, this could simply be a very quick refresher or you may have to do more in-depth research to make sure that you cover everything necessary to make your product complete.

As with other sections of this checklist, set yourself a time limit for this. It’s very easy to over-analyse things otherwise and spend forever not-quite finishing your product.Start creating!Depending on the format of your product, this could be as simple as opening up your word processor and typing. Or it could be launching your audio or video recorder and pressing “record”.If you’re creating a book or series of reports, keep the chapters logical. And consider splitting your product into a series of smaller reports – these are often easier for people to use than one, long, daunting, ebook.The same goes for videos – the download size means that these are better split into relatively small units. Most of the time I like to aim for between and 5 and 10 minutes per video.Audios are the exception. They often work best as one or two longer tracks of up to about an hour per track. The reason for this is that people “consume” audios differently – they are often listened to whilst driving, commuting or even jogging.Write your sales letterThere are plenty of sales letter creator sites available online if you find this daunting.A good headline is essential – it’s make-or-break and without a good headline, you won’t get people reading any further.Bullet points are a good way to lead people through your sales letter and they can either be literally a bullet point list or they can be like this article with sub-headings and an explanation.

Upload your sales letter, create your download pageThere are plenty of tutorials on places like YouTube if you’re not sure how to do this. And website creation programs like WordPress make it a breeze, even if you’re not particularly computer literate in this area.Add a payment processorThis could be as easy as adding PayPal or you may choose a different solution. Either way, you need to be able to take credit cards and PayPal as these are the two most common payment methods on the internet.Start promotingOnce your product is created, you need to tell people about it.You can mention it on your Facebook page, Tweet about it, write a press release, create a YouTube video for it and generally shout about your newly created info product to the world.